About us and our motorhome


After a cycling trip in a fairly 'bog standard' rented motorhome in 2015, we decided that motor homing didn't have to be about roughing it. There were plenty of lovely motorhomes on the sites we stayed, but when it came to trying to rent one, they were few and far between.


The hotel market has it covered, whether you want a basic room for the night or you want something with a bit of style, if you want a 5* service with attention to detail there are hotels to suit.


We’re aiming to provide something for the more discerning traveller. Someone who wants the adventure of being able to sleep in the vehicle they are travelling in, to wake up to a new and exclusive view every day, but to have that bit of luxury with them throughout the trip.


And so the search began. We visited motorhome shows and dealers throughout the UK to find the best recreational vehicles that not only looked good from the outside, but had the quality finish inside and attention to detail that we wanted for ourselves, and ultimately, our customers.


Our state of the art Adria Coral was the vehicle that ticked all the boxes. Made in Europe, by a company with a proven track record, it is the perfect vehicle for your next adventure.


Built on the acclaimed Fiat Ducato, these motorhomes offer a new alternative to families and groups looking for adventure and luxury combined. Our upgraded 150 bhp engine and the reverse camera mean that the vehicle is really easy to drive, while the science of the internal layouts and hotel style washroom mean that even the most discerning traveller will be impressed.


For more information on what we do to make your hiring experience extra special, see here for what's included.


Future plans are to grow our fleet and expand our offering to a wider market. We believe that the wonderful experience of motor homing, should be for everyone and we hope to have a motorhome specifically tailored for disabled travellers in the not too distant future. For more information, please call or email us.